Sprucing Up My Office

As I’m sure is the case for many of you, 40 hours of your week are spent in a not-so-stylish office wor cubical. I am one of those (lucky?) people. A few months ago I asked to move to the front office…which has a window! Windows are hard to come by in many offices so this is a BIG deal.

Although the window alone does a ton for my office, I have added a few other small things to spruce up my space.

First, I bought a couple place mats from Target. They have added color, warmth, and interest to my little workplace.
place mat 1 edit place mat 4 editplace mat 3 editplace mat 2 edit

Secondly, pictures! Because, who doesn’t love pictures? This is a simple way to add some cute frames and the people you love most to your desk.
picture editpicture edit 2

I also threw in a flea-market-find dictionary for a little something extra. (Please pardon the florescent glare. The struggle is real.)

Next, a lamp. This is such a quick and easy mood fix to the florescent world in which I spend hours each day. Plus, I adore lamps. I found this $10 lamp at the one and only, you guessed it, Target. (I promise I shop other places, too…sometimes :)).
lamp editAnd, my favorite part…the personal touches.

I gave you a preview earlier, but here is the close-up of the floral “H” my sweet sissy made me for my birthday.

h edit

Finally, this elephant was something my dad bought my grandma when he went to India. When she passed away, it was one of the keepsakes that I was able to add to my home. It constantly reminds me of my grandmother and dad. Two people I am proud & thankful to call family.
elephant editOne day I will have a home office where I will get to pick out every single detail. But for now, this is a pretty good compromise.

xoxo hannah